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Report from Cambodia

By John William, Director MVA

Poverty in Cambodia is real. Many children are forced to give up education to work in the field or assist the family to supplement income. In addition, a severe scarcity of schools and classrooms, particularly in the rural areas, limit the number of children who have access to education. Student dropouts and retention has been identified as one of the major obstacles to poverty alleviation in rural districts.

 In the rural Kompong Thom Province where Missionary Ventures partners with the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Alor Star, Malaysia there are 40 primary schools but only 2 public secondary schools and many students need to travel long distances just to receive a secondary education.

In an effort to provide good educational outcomes and to provide an opportunity to speak faith into the lives of local young people the church in O Ta Saeng community has established a Student Hostel to provide mid-week accommodation for students in close proximity to a local secondary school. But the present conditions are very much less than adequate and presently the boys are housed on the site of the old piggery and some of the girls are sleeping in old toilets for shelter.

We need your support to help us build a new Student Hostel for the community of O Ta Saeng.