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In February 2016 the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the South Pacific made landfall in Fiji causing massive destruction. Cyclone Winston killed 44 people and caused an estimated one billion dollars in damage. Whole communities were flattened. The 14 villages on Koro Island were amongst the hardest hit.


Thanks to the generosity of your support in April last year we were able to contribute to some of the relief efforts being carried out on Koro Island by Ps Alipate and the CRC Church Suva.

Earlier this month whilst in Fiji, I took the opportunity to sit down and discuss with Ps Alipate regarding the current cyclone relief operations still in progress.


Pastor Alipate told me that he and his wife had just come back from assisting with aid and housing relief on Koro island. Sadly, many families are still homeless, living in tent shelters with the prospect of long term housing still a long way off.  He said many schools were still damaged and school resources were mostly unavailable.


How can you help?


Ps Alipate said there were two ways in which we can help.


  1. Through Donations of funds for the purchase of building materials, bedding and cooking utensils for homes.
  2. Volunteer Teams
    • He is requiring building teams to come in and assist with building support, for housing and for school buildings still damaged by the cyclone.
    • He would also value school teams to come to Koro Island and work alongside communities participating in programs to support the children in villages who are still coming to terms with the devastating and lasting effect of the cyclone.

Contact :- http://www.mvaustralia.org/contact/

This is a call to action !

Your support is crucial to help families and schools

Please give today, or volunteer your time, to help families and schools rebuild on Koro Island