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Pondok Kasih

For the past 8 years Pondok Kasih (House of Love Foundation) has provided a Youth Shelter, for street kids in one of  the more marginalized areas in Surabaya.
Operating out of the shelter PK have been able to invest into the lives of local street kids . They offer programs which support and provide the necessary training skills required to take these kids off the street and the opportunity to enter the work force.
In addition to skills training these kids are mentored and discipled, positioning them to impact others for the Kingdom amongst the slums of Surabaya.
However the lease for the current premises is about to come to an end so PK youth outreach needs to find a new premises for which funds are desperately needed.
Over the years these the PK programs have continued to grow and develop (both personal and financial) with the help and support of visiting teams from Australia.

Below we have some beautiful accounts of what this program has achieved in 2016.

Christmas Report

Pondok Kasih Youth Services partnered with Christian teachers to serve together in reaching out to the students in Sidoarjo’s Junior and Senior high school.  To familiarize themselves with these students PK started with games. Then when everyone was comfortable a visiting minister preached from 1 John 5:1-5 using testimonies from 2 people from the Youth Shelter, who had experienced Jail.

Computer Course

Pondok Kasih Youth Services runs a computer course on Friday Nights. Teaching various skills needed for youth to get ahead in future job seeking.  These classes are enjoyed by all who attend.
One of our Youth leaders made this comment on this course was.. “The joy and seriousness radiated from the faces of each member of the course.  Learning MS Power Point is expected to provide a skill for every member and we hope this training will give an insight into the programs.   Our target was for this group of youngsters to be able to use these skills not only in school but also later on after graduating.”

Computer Course @ Rungkut

This computer course is run at Pondok Kasih Youth Shelter for 9 people who live in a surround slum area.  This course starts with prayer, then the instructor provides an explanation about Microsoft Word and how to use WordArt tools to create various ways of formatting letters. This course was aimed to provide underprivileged youth with additional skills which they can use when they are working.

Aan Sanjoya, 26 years old from Surabaya, often calley by Tuwek…. “which means old” has been eight months living in our Shelter and comes to every computer training session.  He testified that he regretted on why he’s was not aware of the importance to master the computer after spending time at these courses. Aan aspires to be a digital designer (which suits his ability as a street artist.) Aan wants to use his talents in better ways by no longer polluting the city streets, walls and the house walls in graffiti-painting.