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Cyclone Winston – One Year on

In February 2016 the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the South Pacific made landfall in Fiji causing massive destruction. Cyclone Winston killed 44 people and caused an estimated one billion dollars in damage. Whole communities were flattened. The 14 villages on Koro Island were amongst the hardest hit.   Thanks to the generosity of

Pondok Kasih (House of Love Foundation)

Pondok Kasih For the past 8 years Pondok Kasih (House of Love Foundation) has provided a Youth Shelter, for street kids in one of  the more marginalized areas in Surabaya. Operating out of the shelter PK have been able to invest into the lives of local street kids . They offer programs which support and

Help us build a student Hostel in O Ta Saeng Village, Cambodia

Student dropouts and retention has been identified as one of the major obstacles to poverty alleviation in rural districts. In the rural Kompong Thom Province where Missionary Ventures partners with the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Alor Star, Malaysia there are 40 primary schools but only 2 public secondary schools and many students need to travel long distances just to receive a secondary education. We need your help to build a Student Hostel to help save these students travelling time and help in achieving good educational...

Provision of Illustrated Children’s Bibles (Malaysia)

$75 provides for the distribution of 10 illustrated Malay Children’s Bibles The 2010 Malay census indicated that 9.2% of Malaysians are Christians, of which 67% are indigenous. Yet most of these do not have bibles. It is hoped that through distribution of Bahasa Malay Children’s bibles many of the children within these families will be

Bali Children’s Home Mission Trip / Camp

Bali Children’s Home Mission Trip / Camp It’s that time of year again, but with a difference… This year we are picking 5 of the older young people and 1 leader from the Children’s home, in Bali and taking them on a mission trip and finish off with a youth camp with Pondok Kasih Youth

 Medical Mission and Pastors Camp 2017

TRAINING AND FUND RAISING HAS NOW COMMENCED FOR 2017 MEDICAL TEAMS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING INVOLVED AND IN SUPPORTING THIS VENTURE PLEASE CONTACT US MVA: mvateams@mvaustralia.org Here are some reports from the mission team. ++++++++ I joined the medical mission with little knowledge of what to expect.  But when we got there, I

House of Grace (Thailand)

House of Grace is a children’s home in Ban Glang, Phetchabun. The House of Grace Foundation seeks to assist those in need through the provision of relief and long term assistance to the poor. Grace house provides shelter, schooling needs and food for the children of the local tribes people, who have nothing and therefore

Blacksands School Needs (Vanuatu)

Funds are needed to supply education resources (books, stationary, desks, play equipment paint) for both Kindergarten and Primary school located at Blacksands Your gift of $50.00 would help pay for books or play equipment for the children Blacksands is a slum community of squatters, only a 15 minutes drive from Vanuatu. It  is the location

Sponsorship of a Bible School Student (Indonesia)

These Students come out of children’s homes. They have a heart to share their faith with others and after bible school training will go out into communities effecting community transformation, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your support of $750 provides for one year’s educational and living expenses. Children’s Homes in Indonesia are a mix of orphans

Mangyan Educational Program (Philippines)

"Education is the key to a better childhood, and a better future for children, their communities and their countries".