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Cyclone Winston – One Year on

In February 2016 the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the South Pacific made landfall in Fiji causing massive destruction. Cyclone Winston killed 44 people and caused an estimated one billion dollars in damage. Whole communities were flattened. The 14 villages on Koro Island were amongst the hardest hit.   Thanks to the generosity of

Mangyan Feeding Program

Pastor Danny works on Occidental Mindoro. Danny has a ministry amongst the Mangyan people... a marginalised indigenous people group.


OUR VANUATU FAMILY  NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT     VANUATU VOLCANO Please pray for Vanuatu and the people of Ambae Island as volcano erupts displacing  7,000 people. Due to the above situation on Vanuatu many have been forced to relocate from Ambae numbers are around the 7000. Currently there are about 35 evacuation centres located around

Half of Vanuatu residents lack clean Water

Help us Provide fresh clean drinking Water for Vanuatu.  The community Unakap, Nguna Island is needing provision of secure, water supply for their women shelter. Help Us provide fresh, clean drinking water for the Unakap community, Nguna, Island. Did you know that half of Vanuatu residences are still lacking in lean water supply, 12 months

House of Grace (Thailand)

House of Grace is a children’s home in Ban Glang, Phetchabun. The House of Grace Foundation seeks to assist those in need through the provision of relief and long term assistance to the poor. Grace house provides shelter, schooling needs and food for the children of the local tribes people, who have nothing and therefore

Mindoro Island – Mangyan Feeding Program (Philippines)

The Philippines produces enough food to feed its population, yet 20% of Filipinos are food insecure. MV partners with the Sarahjohn Foundation distributing nutritional meals to the Mangyan. A donation of $250 a month is all that is needed to support a weekly feeding program (rice and noodles) for 150 malnurished children Mangyan” is the