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30 March, 2018
Phillipines, Philippines Join us

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Join us in being a part of an exciting MVA Team trip to Mindoro 

Read Below the exciting things happening.
Pastor Danny says, “As of now we are able to visit some place in Oriental Mindoro and also some Mangyan villages in Occidental Mindoro. We conduct the feeding program to the Mangyan schools and we are able to feed more than 200 student in 2 schools. We also promoting the importance of hygiene, so we are conducting “Alis Kuto” removing lice program to the student in School. We can do this every 3 months. We are able to give also vitamins for the children, thanks to God He provides the needs to do this kind of ministry.
 If interested in donating please go to:http://www.mvaustralia.org/cause/mangyan-feeding-program/


We have included suggested dates and times, but also we are very flexible. These trips can adjust if necessary depending on staff availability and your travel needs.   We have also block out times for school holidays due to our high demand with schools teams and our staff involvement. The costs of these trips do include travel insurance, accommodation, meals, transport,Missionary Ventures administration fees and Airfares. Cost is based on a minimum of 6 participants but if this is unable to be achieved the trip will be deferred.