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Rolly & Nimfa Vasey Field coordinator

Report from Warm Greetings from Rolly and Nimfa Touching People Christian Community Church in His mighty Name. Just to give you an update of what Lord has done in our ministries. MONTHLY PASTORS INTERCESSORY GATHERING – this group is to connect pastors regardless of any denominational background for the body of Christ.  We also run

Philip and Jeminma Field Coordinators Mindanao, Philippines.

  Philip Gonzalea and his wife Jemima have four children, 2 grandchildren as well as a fostered daughter.  They live in Cabadbaran City. Philip runs a bible school, teaching the Word of God to young people from all walks of life equipping them for ministry. Philip’s ministry also operates an elementary school and an orphanage.

Philippines Gallery

"Empowering the church in the Philippines to impact villages, cities and nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom”