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Philip Gonzalea and his wife Jemima have four children, 2 grandchildren as well as a fostered daughter.  They live in Cabadbaran City.

Philip runs a bible school, teaching the Word of God to young people from all walks of life equipping them for ministry. Philip’s ministry also operates an elementary school and an orphanage.  Many bible school graduates are now working as pastors, school teachers, youth leaders and government and community leaders.

Philip is passionate to see community transformation through the Word of God.  There is a focus on evangelism, work in tribal mission and leadership enhancement programs in churches as well as contributing to community development and disaster and relief response. Philip and Jemima are both very much involved in local government so that christian character is taught in all sectors of society. Jemima has recently been elected as a counselor in local government.

Vision and Purpose.

To exist as a regional fellowship and advocating spiritual growth that will result in public consciousness of God’s view of a transformed people, community, government and economy in Caraga and beyond.