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Below is a report from our team who has just come home from a wonderful adventure with our special friends at Baith-El Children’s Home, Bali.

My time in Lombok with the teenagers from the Panti Ashuan, Bali, was all I expected it to be and much, much more. Connecting with the kids was a privilege and joy. We had an enormous amount of fun together, just doing time together! Doing team work, learning activities, physical training, devotions, prayer! Having fun! Not to mention doing the Rinjani hike and experiencing an unbelievable and unique time in a breath takingly beautiful environment.

We managed to leap over that wide divide of language with the help of our interpreters and could not have done without  Setiawan and Yohana, who were both originally Panti children. They are both beautiful and special people! It was also awesome to connect and work with the such a great team this year.  Thanks to Nicolette Kolozsi and Lyn Serpell for all the work they did behind the scene to make it all come together. I thank God, and our saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ for each other and our time together, and I hope and pray that their will be a lasting impact on each of the Panti’s children’s lives and they will come to know God’s heart and impact those around them.

Janet Hopkins

Our trip to Indonesia was an amazing experience, it was really eye opening seeing another culture and way of life. Taking the kids on the survivor camp was a great opportunity to have an impact in their lives, as well as an opportunity to create lasting relationships. It was a real test of strength and endurance climbing the mountain, and all of the kids showed these two things excellently as they kept going and didn’t give up at the sight of difficulty. Each night the kids were able to share some of their life story, they all showed bravery and courage when they were willing to open up and tell us their personal life stories. Climbing up Mount Rinjani was amazing, the views were outstanding and a real display of God’s amazing creation. I am so happy I had this opportunity and that I was able to help these kids reach an awesome achievement that many kids over there would never get the opportunity to. A huge thank you to Lynda from the MVA team for organising all of the admin and paperwork to get us over there. This is definitely a trip I will remember forever, the fun and adventure that we all got to experience was both a learning and challenging endeavor.

Natalie de Haan

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