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Report on Medical Mission and Pastors Camp
January 2016

“We are His workmanship created i Christ Jesus for good works”
Ephesians 2:10
When I think of God’s workmanship
it reminds me of what the ladies, on our team, had done with their crafts.
Jess and Judy put together the fabric, threads, needles, scissors and the pattern to make a ladies bag. It took a few hours for them to put together the pieces, (using the electric sewing machine for the first time which was a challenge). There was helping hands, kind encouraging words of ‘you can do it’, ‘do it again’ and ‘well done’ or ‘what happened?’ and when all was done we had a colourful and useful work of art!
In the bible, Jesus’ followers were tax collectors, beggars, ordinary men and fishermen. He blended them together and made all fit together into one body, ‘the body of Christ’ . Each one of us has special skills and abilities to share with others and help them grow. Therefore we, the whole body, can work together seasoned with His love. In God’s plan, people of different race, culture are fit together and blended into something beautiful for serving others and for the glory of God!

Here are some reports from the mission team.
I joined the medical mission with little knowledge of what to expect. But when we got there, I didn’t realise there are so many under privileged people in this place who needed medical attention. We assisted doctors, taking blood pressure and checking blood sugars. Also we helped the paramedic, Jess, provide first aid training for pastors. I enjoyed this experience, which is quite different to what I normally do.

Vangie Lorenzo

God is so good!
The 2016 Mission trip to the Philippines was one to remember. We had a superb team of people who joined together with Christ to make a change in the lives of Filipino people, and also in our own. “Initially you go on a trip to share time, money, resources that God has given you… but at the end of the day you receive so much more from the trip than you give.” This is the thought echoed from many of those who have joined teams in the past and again from those on the trip this year. It is such a privilege to have been included again on the trip for God to use me to make an impact, not just here in Australia but also in the Philippine.
The first part of the trip, the Medical Mission, with over 700 people seen by the doctors and dentists, all of whom had the gospel explained to them by the local church members. We used a puppet, “Sprout’ to create fun helping to explain the gospel to the kids and aid the dentists in keeping fear of needles at bay for kids and adults alike. Part two of the trip was the training week for the pastors. With a new location and new pastors there was plenty to be learnt both on the practical ministry skills and also in first aid that will be a great help in their communities which have very limited or no medical resources available. The kids had a lot of fun learning about how Paul was transformed and how Christ can also transform us and the choice we have to follow Him Thanks to all those who prayed for our safety, wellbeing and fruitfulness on the trip. It was such a blessing that all the team managed to have good health for the entire trip.

Alison Gaskell

I thank God for the Privilege of joining the team this year.
Throughout the Dental and Medical mission I saw lives being touched by the Grace of God, through the provision of basic medical and Dental assistance. I praise God for the lives of those volunteers; medical and dental professionals and our dear paramedic, Jess.
During the pastor’s family camp in Baguio I was so blessed to be listening to all pastors’ testimonials of faith, and hard day’s work in their struggling congregations. They were so happy and blessed that they were able to have breaks with their families in their respective ministries. And at the same time also, received the blessings of encouraging words from our team pastors: Doug and Rod, and the presents they received.
Lastly, I praise God for the lives of our loving coordinator – Jomil and Benny Edis. To all members of the team, thanks for the teamwork effort to all people in this church, for the donations, the love and generosity.
To God be the glory!

Edna Hankins.