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Vanuatu Update

Report from Pastor Zebedee Tanga, Missionary Ventures Field Associate Vanuatu

Dear Friends,
I was able to talk to Pastor Zeb last night and touch base concerning their current status regarding relief.

Pastor Zeb shared.
* Despite widespread damage, there has been massive efforts to clean up the damage and debris around Port Vila/Tanna by Military Teams from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and New Caledonia, which they are most grateful for.
* Food supplies are still a long term problem with vegetable and fruit crops totally destroyed. Local communities are just starting to replant vege crops in Manioc but there is a large demand for seedling supplies to ensure future crop production.
*Pastor Zebedee and his team are making another trip to Pele and Nguna to assist with clean up.  There is still a need for further food supplies as well as cooking utensils and building supplies.
*Blacksands is progressing well at the moment with 150 now enrolled in school.

Thank you so much for your continuing support it is so much appreciated.

John Williams
Director MVA