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Missionary Ventures Australia (MVA) is an interdenominational Christian organisation and part of Missionary Ventures International based in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Our Vision: To see the Gospel communicated in all nations

Our Mission: To Equip and Empower the church in the Asia-Pacific region and to make disciples and transform nations

We believe that, as followers of Christ, we all have a love response to represent Christ in whatever we do and wherever we go. 

Our motto is “Involving People to Impact Nations for Christ”.

We do this through the raising up and sending out of dynamic short term mission teams, responding to the needs of national churches and organisations within the Asia Pacific. 

We facilitate and coordinate mission involvement between Aussie churches and church communities in the Asia Pacific matching field needs with team strengths. 

That is, we promote and establish effective interdependent partnerships among and within the body of Christ and it’s through such relationships that the indigenous Church within the Asia /Pacific  is empowered (physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually) towards mission involvement 

MVA’s core ideologies  :

  • we exist to serve the church;
  • we’re motivated by love in all that we do;
  • accepts nothing less than absolute accountability;
  • we’re committed to pursuing the prophetic edge (hearing from God) in missions;
  • our priority is the kingdom of God;
  • our goal is empowerment;
  • Facilitating Indigenous Missions

 MVA’s Purpose


  • Develop partnerships with Christian churches, individuals and organisations with national churches in the Asia Pacific providing teaching, training, resources and encouragement
  • send out dynamic short term mission teams and dedicated personal into the Asia Pacific
  • respond to the needs of national churches and organizations within the Asia Pacific
  • see people released in their gifts and callings and to equip them to do this
  • enable the church and individuals to be more effective in reaching out with the life and love of Jesus
  • Raise finances and resources for specific projects
  • Link churches, individuals and organisations strategically with the field, matching strengths with needs
  • Build strategic alliances with national churches, individuals and Christian Organisations in the regions we work in