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“One in Christ” by Lynda Serpell (MVA Team Trip coordinator)

I had the privilege of taking 6 young people from a Children’s home in Bali to a youth camp run by Pondok Kasih over 3 days.

They invited 70 young people and 120 turned up, it was a little crazy, but everyone had an amazing time, and some how it worked.. that’s Indonesia..

The theme of the the camp was “One in Christ”.  The young people came from many different communities around Surabaya, there was even a Muslim girl and she was very touched by the camp. We were “One in Christ”.

Everything was amazing. by Yohanna (Team Leader)
First of all, Thank you so much for this lovely opportunity to allow me join Bromo and Surabaya Camp 2016.
Its a privilege to be included, where I can share what I have, what I have learned in life. We journeyed from Bali to Surabaya with the young people, all together 7 of us and  Praise the Lord, from my first day until the end was amazing. I was worried, at first, because I was a senior and expected to help young people while at the same time being interpreter ( 2 two part Ind – Eng and Eng- Ind).  My English translation skills are still in the learning process so I wondered if everything was going to be okay.  I have to thank mama Lynda for being so kind and helpful during this camp. She is Godly woman sent to Indonesia to help Indonesian people, especially young people at Panti. Thank you so much for God choosing you to be here almost 2 or 3 times, this year,and supporting us by coming to Indonesia. Thank you so much for MVA team to support this camp without you all we would not be there. I can’t tell how thankful and blessed I feel during and done this camp. Everything was amazing. All of us are blessed and got a lot of lesson from this journey.