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Update Baptist Tribal mission- Pastor Danny Macuha, PHILIPPINES

Baptist Tribal Mission

Victoria, Oriental Mindoro


Dearest Brethren,

It is always for the glory and honour of our Saviour why we connect to people around who is passionate and loyal to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Blessing be upon every ministry!

For the past few months I could never imagine how the good Lord is working and lavishly providing for His ministry in this area.  Praising Him for the newly open mangyan community in God’s word.  The Holy Spirit is really penetrating the soul of our natives and as a result, the Lord gives us 5 souls baptized in this place.  It is so wonderful because it is a sign that the soil is still fertile cause the seed which is the word of God continue to blooms and grows. There is a great need for enhancing the time to plant the precious seed.

Praise God for the newly Open Bible School as a machine to produce workers and servant for His vineyards.  The School is blessed with 16 promising students and 7 of them are Mangyan Leaders.  I really don’t know how He works but i know He is working and calling people to serve Him.  It is interesting to note also that the effort we do for the “education program” is so intense that our beloved children continue to be benefited by ministry and the sequence of program.  Knowledge is being instilled to the young mind and hopefully by God’s grace they will be our tools to continue to produce effective men servants.  It is indeed our request in our “prayer” for the needs of the Bible School for the following; bibles, books and other supplies for the need of our students.  Especially for our needy mangyan students. We also pray for the needs of the construction of one of the chapel for the native community in Biakalan Villa Cerveza Victoria Oriental Mindoro. Little by little by the grace of God the work is being established.  We just follow His leading and I believe blessings will just follow. Ultimately we continue to battle up all the challenges in this humble place. Joy and tears flood my soul every time I see people save.  Forget us not in your prayers because it is amazing to know that in spite of the distance still we have the power to be partners for God toward His amazing Glory.

Again thank you for your endless support and prayers in this area of Ministry.

To Him be Glory Forever!!!

Prayer Request:  Bible school Needs, Chapel Construction Needs, God’s guidance and protection, Education and feeding program for our Mangyan student


Pastory Danny Macuha